6 Exercises for bigger and prettier buttocks

Getting a figure that makes us proud to see ourselves in front of a mirror is a dream and a goal that many of us have! And there is no reason to feel bad about it, on the contrary! That desire is what you must turn into inspiration so that you get the body and figure you have always wanted.

Recently many girls have asked us to give them tips to increase them in a natural and safe way. That is why we want to give you a very good routine to get those booties with which you have always wanted to see you.

They are exercises specifically designed to increase, stop and tone this area that interests us so much to women.

Note: You must take into account that for these exercises to have results, you need to supplement with good nutrition and habits that contribute to good health.

Tips for your routine

- Choose 3 exercises

- Do 4 repetitions of 20 (each of them).

- Between exercise and exercise, rest 40 seconds.

- Do not forget to warm up before starting the session!


Only you know your body better than anyone, that is why we advise you not to overdo it in intensity. If you see that your body asks you to start with fewer repetitions, do it. Be patient and you will start seeing the results from the first month.

Cheer up and you will see the big change in your body!

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