Pautips defends itself against those who are criticizing their bubis

The haters walk with everything with the poor Pautips. First they concentrated on criticizing the little veins and bruises he has on his legs (normal and common thing in anyone) and now they have passed their hatred towards the upper body of the influencer.

It turns out that Pau made a video where he showed the clothes that had come from the Internet, to show his followers that the expectation is not always the same as reality. And instead of having fun with the video, they ended up criticizing Paula's bubis.

And they know what is the worst of the case, that it is always women who attack other women, we have not learned that the force is born from the union and we are still determined to treat ourselves like this, a real shame.

In the end Paula decided to expose the hater (and that's good, see if they learn this way) and this is what I answer…

Video: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast with Marcellus Wiley, Jason Whitlock. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF (April 2020).