14 'Bodies' that would look perfect with your skinny jeans

There are garments that have the virtue of taking out our most feminine and captivating side as an art of magic, and one of them is the bodysuits.

These garments that some also know as 'leotards', are positioned year after year among the favorite trends of women not only from Latin America, but from all over the world ... and it is not for less! Well, they can be used in many different ways, depending on the style and even 'mood' of each one of us.

Today I will give you some examples of how you could use them, for example I love to combine them with skinny jeans. Imagine how good they would look with yours!

Lace up is always a good idea.

Obviously, for these to look good, you must be proud and confident of yourself when dressing with them. And with this I do not mean that you must have a "sculptural" body, but to feel happy with it. Do not feel more or less for having a few extra kilos, you have the right to wear the clothes that best suit you.

They are irresistible.

See this beautiful color!

The combination is irresistible.

Lace is something from another world.

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