Caeli's dog ended up in the emergency room

Caeli has two puppies living with her, Ruperto and Dalila. The latter had to be taken emergency to the veterinarian according to the most recent statements of the Youtuber.

We do not know what happened to the little girl, because not even her own owner knows what happened, however the thing seems serious since she was hospitalized.

This was the way in which Caeli communicated to his followers the sad news. Hopefully soon we will have more information about the state of Delilah and that everything goes well.

#Dalila, #Caeli's dog went to the emergency room. pic.twitter.com/n3HvLIWZvt

- Celebs Stories (@Psico_Estefany) January 20, 2019

You don't know what happened 🙄 pic.twitter.com/8KYh0jVQe1

- Celebs Stories (@Psico_Estefany) January 20, 2019