The 8 worst Netflix series

Although Netflix came into our lives to make them more entertaining in those moments where leisure does not let us think what to do with our lives, not everything on this platform is worth seeing.

Today we will present the series that were a resounding failure on Netflix and that also made their users wonder “What the hell was Uncle Netflix thinking when he decided to do this?”.

So if you do not want to run into one of these horrible series by mistake, you better record your names to avoid disappointment and anger out of the TV.

Iron fist

Danny Rand survives a mysterious plane crash that kills his parents and is raised by warrior monks. Years later, he returns to New York to restore his family legacy. Despite being a Marvel story made in communion with Netflix, the audience did not lower it from boring, slow and impossible to click with the story.

Chasing cameron

Cameron is an incredibly popular influencer in the United States, so Netflix decided to take advantage of the focus to attract people from social networks to its platform. Unfortunately it became a reality show that didn't get anyone's attention. The series tried to add seriousness to Cameron's life, when he did not become famous for being serious and that was something his fans did not want to see.


The trailer promised a serious captivation. A psychologist who exceeds the patient / therapist limit and becomes emotionally involved with them. However, it ended up being slow, boring and zero realistic, so much that it failed to preserve the interest of the spectators.


A disease ends with all people over 22 years of a town and the government establishes a quarantine. An issue that many expected to see on Netflix, but it took longer to reach the platform than to be removed. It seems that the few people who saw it did not retain interest and decided to eliminate it. It was more a soap opera than a series. And if people wanted to watch soap operas, they would hire Blim and not Netflix.

Haters back off

A series that shows a woman lacking all talent trying to become famous. However, humor was branded as absurd, irritating and unpleasant and this caused people to simply hate the series from the beginning.


A marijuana smoking comedy with a silly humor that did not start smiles or force. A single season was enough for Netflix executives to disappear from the face of the platform. Thank God!


A serious that still did not leave and had already caused reactions against. And it caused outrage to handle the issue of obesity in an unresponsive and unrealistic way.

Real rob

A series directed, written and acted by Bob Schneider himself who simply made the people who loved him end up hating him. Nobody wanted to see a reality show of his life, we all hope to see them in comedy movies, not in a supposed show of his life that looks more produced and false than anything.

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