Belinda and Lele Pons are already 'Besties'

The magazine 'Eres' held an event to which several celebrities of the show were summoned. And without knowing it, they were generating an encounter that would drive Belinda's fans and Lele Pons' fans crazy.

These two beautiful and talented women met at the event and did not hesitate to greet and reveal the mutual admiration they feel for each other.

As if they were best friends, Belinda and Lele posed several times very hugged and happy. Hopefully at least some kind of musical collaboration comes out of this. Can you imagine seeing these two girls singing together? I die!

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Saluuuuuud @lelepons 😂😂😂 @ sebastianyatra @pipebueno

A post shared by Beli (@belindapop) on Nov 20, 2018 at 7:16 pm PST