Eiza González raises suspicions of another increase in bubis

Plastic surgery is not an issue that is foreign to Eiza González. Although Elle has held on for years that its evolution was due to mere natural causes, the evidence is so overwhelming that it simply leaves no doubt.

But when we thought that the actress's aesthetic arrangements had come to an end, a recent photograph on her Instagram account came to sow the seed of doubt. In the photo, Eiza appears in a beautiful swimsuit that suggests that she recently resorted to a new increase in bubis.

Eiza had already made an increase some time ago, but the size it presumes today is almost double that of previous months. So you will say, was no or another increase made?

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A sunny Sunday in South Africa

A post shared by Eiza (@eizagonzalez) on Oct 14, 2018 at 12:42 pm PDT

That's how it looked before ...