Outfits to make your Instagram look like an 'Influencer'

Anyone can become an influencer, you just need money, clothes, a good camera, cell phone, too much free time and a thousand other things! Buuuuuuu! Simply put, you need to have money without working; Some rich girls But don't worry! There are outfits that you can plan to make your Instagram look like an influencer, just for the pleasure.

An outfit with animal print, but that works. By saying that it works, I mean it looks chic and zero vulgar. If you have the gift of combining it well, you will leave everyone with the square eye.

Outfit with different prints. Anyone can wear monochromatic garments, but using different pictures, lines or prints is true fashionistas.

Outfit with a vintage skirt. These skirts do their job only; that is, they make you look original, combine with almost everything and outline your legs at the same time.

An elegant jumper is also like putting your look in automatic mode. It would not be bad to save a little and buy a jumper that costs a little more than normal.

Outfit with fishnets. Those girls who wear fishnet stockings without looking nacreous or vulgar They won the fashion sky! Try to make the rest of your clothes elegant or discreet.

A monochromatic outfit. Wearing a single color (other than black or white) is quite difficult, I recommend using several textures or shades to make it work.

An outfit with belly button and short skirt. If you wear both clothes, without looking like you're going to a rave, you already did it! Because it will seem that you look beautiful without having made an effort at all.

An outfit with an original garment. Break your pig and buy those shoes, dress or jacket you always wanted. You will see that any outfit with that penda will be the sensation on your Instagram.

Black outfit with denim Different! Everyone can wear jeans with a black top, make the combination upside down or with other garments and let the hearts arrive alone.

An outfit fitness and elegant at the same time. This style has been catching flight little by little. It consists of wearing sportswear but chic. It's weird because they are opposite poles, but if you succeed you will succeed.

Outfit with more than two textures. With textures I mean the type of fabric you are going to use; For example, use denim, cotton, leatherette, silk, synthetic soft toy, and so on.

A white dress. To wear a white dress you must know how, when, where and with what to wear it. I know there are several requirements, but if you let some detail go, instead of looking like an angel, you will seem out of place.