11 Romantic Goals you should propose to your boyfriend

There is nothing wrong with being madly in love with a person, let alone making plans for a future with him or her. That's why here I will leave you 11 goals that you could propose to your child to do in a not too distant time. They are really romantic ideas that will live forever with you.

1. Travel to a country that neither of you knows for the first time.

2. Combine outfits during a weekend.

3. Spend the whole afternoon without watching TV ... just talking about things from his childhood. With popcorn, soda and pizza.

4. Take a nice picture when they say goodbye!

5. Find an activity they can do together ... if it helps them to de-stress, even better.

6. Go on vacation alone to the beach. Even a couple of days.

7. Place a hammock and make it your romantic space to watch movies and take naps together.

8. Dedicate one day of the week to take super tumblr photos.

9. Adopt a puppy when they decide to move in together.

10. Make a tattoo that represents your love ... (only if you are sure you want to spend your life together).

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