Outfits that you can repeat in the week without anyone noticing

With the rains it is very difficult to wash the clothes so often without getting upset. Sometimes, and let's face it, repeating outfit is not the worst in the world. If you bathe and take care of the stains you can recycle it. That way you will look just as amazing for two days without looking dirty or stinking. In addition, you save water and take care of the planet. However, people are very fixed, so I recommend the following outfits for anyone to call you portrait.

White top with denim jeans

All, and absolutely all, have an outfits similar to this. It is a great classic, looks good on anyone and is unimpressive.

Black blouse with denim jeans

Maybe not everyone has this combination, but the vast majority do. You can also make the blouse look different with accessories or fastening it.

Totally black outfit

In addition to being an easy set to assemble, the monochrome tone makes it go unnoticed by the vipers in your office / school; yes, while still looking divine.

Black and white outfit with an extra colored garment

As white and black are not very attractive, the garment of color you add will make sure that both days the outfit looks different.

Outfit with very simple prints

We already know that less is more. Now you must apply it, using prints that everyone uses or that are zero interesting, so as not to attract attention.

Simple dress with different jackets

I know it sounds absurd for one jacket to change one outfit from the other But! It really does. You can also lean on the bag and shoes chosen.

A denim shorts with a shirt

You will find the incredible nature that this outfit has to camouflage. Well, it retains the magic of fashion, without causing a big fuss.

Any skirt with a white shirt

The shirt is like a shy person who does not see anyone in the eyes. While the skirt is an outgoing girl. Both are great without causing much curiosity.

An outfit too simple

Imagine going out with that quiet outfit of jeans, sweatshirt and tennis that everyone has worn. Well, something like that will be perfect for recycling without it noticing.

A little black dress

The beauty of this type of dress is its simplicity, so wear a striking zero. You can even use flashy accessories, but they are different both days. This way you will look beautiful both days of the week.

Video: HOW TO REPEAT YOUR OUTFITS - Wear the same outfit twice with no one noticing. Mademoiselle (April 2020).