Outfits with top and denim jacket to avoid dying of heat at school

Surely it happens to you that every time you think about what you will wear tomorrow to go to school you enter a dilemma. You can not leave mega spring in the morning because it is not so hot and you could be cold. But if you go too warm at noon you will be dying of heat.

But don't despair that I have a great idea for you Top and denim jacket! So you can wrap up a little and take it off when the sun stops having compassion. Check out the outfits you can achieve.

It is your chance to show all the style you have.

No matter what style your jacket is, the point is that you wear a top underneath.

Or what color, they will all look cool.

If you don't like to show a little belly, then opt for a thin tank top.

If you don't have tops, you can cut a shirt.

You don't need to fix yourself too much, you can go comfortable but with style.

Put the jacket on your shoulders to see you more chic.

Add accessories such as a neck mask or sunglasses

The shorts will look divine with this pair.

You can even make it formal.

Loose pants, your sandals and voila.

Make yourself a cool hairstyle.

And feel fresh all day.

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