Outfits that will help you that the pitiful one that lives within you does not control you

There are no women 100% sure of themselves (unfortunately), they have taught us to be ashamed of our body, to never be satisfied with it, to hide it and feel sorry if we show too much. If you, like me, are tired of feeling that way, and you do not want the modesty who lives inside you to continue controlling you, then a change of attitude and look is necessary.

Quiet ... I will not throw you into the ring just like that. To get rid of that painful inside you have to go little by little, let it get used to and move forward until you reach the point you want. And these outfits are the best first step.

It is not easy to leave behind your complexes and insecurities but it is not impossible. Like everything in life, it has to be done step by step. So if you are not one of those who wear a skirt (which is the safest), I recommend you buy a black skater skirt, wear a blouse that makes you feel comfortable and a light cardigan.

Overalls are magical pieces in the transition. Wear them with a thin tank top, with a shoulderless one or with a top that lets you see part of your belly. You will feel comfortable because the overalls is a piece that covers a large part of your body.

You have to start adding more sexy and feminine clothes to your wardrobe if you really want to take control of that penosilla inside. Try a dress with choker, they are beautiful and sexy by nature.

You definitely have to lose your fear of bralettes. You also have to allow them to see each other, but at all if at least a part.

The socks will be your new accessories, so get a smooth pair, one of net and another with cute designs.

It is mandatory that you go out with white jeans from time to time. You have to learn to feel safe in them and you will not succeed if you do not use them.

Adding garments with lace to your closet is super important. They will help you feel more feminine and are perfect to force you to hatch.

Not only short skirts have to be on your list, pencil skirts are indispensable. They will help you to know and manage your curves.

Transparencies will be like your professional exam. This way you will realize that you are moving forward.

The necklines on the back will give you a new perspective of yourself.

And the final test, are the side necklines, those that show a bit of your bubi. They will be your graduation.

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