Tricks so you don't look super forced when trying to be sexy

The most recurring problem in the photos of girls trying to get their most attractive side, is that they end up looking fake and forced, and obviously this causes the objective of the photo is not reached and you end up with a strange and even ugly thing.

So if you want your photos to look natural and beautiful, this is what you have to do.

Don't do weird things

It's not about you proving you're a contortionist. The more strange you look, the less natural your photo will look and therefore it will end up looking forced. Choose simple, natural things. It will be easier to do them, you will feel comfortable and everything will flow.


The positions have to look natural but that does not mean that you have to look the same in all the photos. Vary it a little, try some new ones so that you grab the way and know how and where to put your body to avoid tensions.

Do not close or contract your hands

Don't close your hands in a fist, you're going to take a picture of yourself not to hit someone. Relax them and let them flow with the rest of your anatomy.

Stop putting a hand on your waist for everything

It looks super ordinary and nothing chic. You are not edecan, you try to take a more pro selfie.

Forget the camera

Don't always look at the camera, forget about it. May she follow you, not you her.

Wear clothes that suit you

Do not wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, because if you are uncomfortable it will be noticed.

Try to get away from the ordinary

There are ways to be super without falling into the vulgar. So you better look for bold but classy ideas.

Do not go over with filters

Try not to overdo it with filters because you can ruin a good photo.

Use a tripie or something similar

Not everything in life is selfies in front of the mirror or taken from above. Use a tripie, a base or another person to get more real shots.