Subtle ways to hit a boy without being rude

Being honest, having suitors makes you feel good about you and even gives you confidence; However, some boys become a real headache. If there is no chemistry, we must not give them wings and we must be direct about it. Batting a boy does not make us villains, you have the right to do so so do not feel bad about it. If you want to do it in the best possible way, these ideas will help you achieve it.

If you go out with someone, let me know

More than a subtle way, it will be a super respite for you to know. He may feel a little bad because you gave the opportunity to another boy, but you were not his better half and he will find his late that early.

Introduce a girl or talk to someone

If you know any girl with whom that insistent boy would click, introduce them! It's not good to make it cupid, but you won't hurt it that way. Even if you don't want to introduce them, say something like “I know a girl you would have good chemistry with” so you make it clear that you don't feel chemistry.

Talk about other guys

In some conversation let him know that you like some guy or tell him you go out with someone. This form is subtle, because you don't have to reject it as such and yet you're making it clear that you don't like it.

If you don't want to leave, don't tell him you can't

Men have to take a lot of courage to ask a girl out, but if you don't want to go out, don't tell her you can't! They take it as if you have a busy life and still have a chance to go out another day. Go to the point and tell them that you don't want to go out with him in a romantic way and period.

Stop it physically dry

When a boy pretends to you, those little affections are never missing like kissing your hand, hugging you for a long time or holding your hand while you walk. If you are bothered by this kind of action you must stop it dry, your reaction will let you know that you are not interested without having to speak it.

Stop answering your insistence

If the boy is super insistent and doesn't stop messaging, just stop answering him. Men know that a girl is zero interested when you stop answering her messages or leave them in sight. Sometimes "being bad" is fine if there is no other way out.

Tell him you can only offer him friendship

You should strive to make this point clear, because if you tell him that they are friends, he will want to try, so make an extra effort to make him understand that his friendship will not change. The friendzone is horrible, we know that, but sometimes we have to accept that or nothing.

Open sentimentally about your situation

If you still don't beat your ex, if you're giving yourself a single time or just can't stand relationships, explain it to yourself! Because sometimes it's not the boy's fault, but our internal problems. It is good that he knows it, so that he does not take it personally.

Be nice but beat it

Many people confuse kindness with flirting, it has all happened to us, but you must also hit it. I do not say that you behave pretty and then bat it, but you should treat him kindly at all times, even at the time of the batting.

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