Super cheesy gifts I want for Valentine

The most romantic time of the year is getting closer, and it is time to start thinking about what we will give to the boyfriend or boy we like, but more importantly, we have to start launching those direct disguised as indirect, which Tell the above, what we want that day.

So if you want this February 14 to be super romantic and cheesy, this is what has to be on your boyfriend's list.

Candy bouquet

The bouquets of roses are cute and romantic, but they only serve to decorate your room for a little while. A bouquet full of sweets and chocolates is better and more delicious, don't you think?

Matching sweatshirts

I want romance not only to last that day but all year long, so I seriously thought about how to achieve it, and a couple of sweatshirts was the coolest idea.

Romantic dinner

It can be in a cool restaurant or, a more private and elaborate thing like this.

Custom balloons

I don't want a Pepa Pig balloon, but one that goes with the time and the feeling. A personalized balloon with my name or some super cute phrase.

Chocolates with messages

If the romantic message can not be in the balloon, then how about one exquisite chocolates. So with each bite you will feel the love he has for you.

Unexpected love notes

One in the bathroom in the morning, one or another watered by your house and why not, in the office. Let everyone know how much they love you!

Wedding rings or necklaces

The rings can be a bit compromising, but the necklaces can't and there are some cool ones. So they can have something that makes them feel much more united.

Serenade in the early morning

I am a romantic, and for me serenades are still the best way to show your love to a girl. I even want to sigh at just imagining it.

Craft that shows love

Gifts don't have to be super expensive, sometimes the best details come from things made by oneself and with all the love in the world. It is those who will remain forever in your memory.

A full day of surprises

I would love it if I planned a whole day of surprises, that I didn't know what would happen all day. That would be really romantic and wonderful!

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