15 Tattoos that you will not regret when you turn 30

Choosing a nice and tasteful design with time is essential before getting tattooed. Why do i say so? It's simple. It is proven that the majority of girls who tattoo in their teens or during their first years of "adults", regret most of them at the age of 30 ... that's right! Although it sounds unreal, during this age our brain is changing and understanding that if we could return time, we would choose another totally different design and even in another area of ​​our body.

As I do not want you to reach 30 and you regret that tattoo that you could be doing these days, I leave you some designs that could further expand your options and thus choose the one that you think is best for the rest of your life. Everyone is beautiful.

If it is your first tattoo, I strongly advise you to make a small one. This way you will know how big your pain threshold is when you become a bigger one.

All these designs are simply ideas. The point is that you add small details yourself that without ruining it, make it unique and special for you.

Something that I strongly advise you is also: Do ​​not tattoo things just for fashion! Or names of your favorite bands, or phrases from a movie that just came out, etc. Something timeless is better.

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