10 movies for the new year if you're halfway

When these times begin our head is filled with whirlpools like "I did nothing in the year" "Another year without knowing my better half" "What nostalgia!", Etc.

And let's admit that it is super awkward to go to meetings with the typical awkward questions “When is the boyfriend?” Or “Are you old enough to stay single”. But you do not bitter your life, the end of the year is also a date of love, if you do not believe me watch these 10 movies.

Bridget Jones's Diary

A "spinster" woman is in a sentimental crisis, after reaching 32 years without a serious partner. She spends her nights alone lying on her sofa watching TV, smoking and drinking; until he starts dating his boss and begins to relax a little on the subject of love. The end is unexpected, because from hate to love there is only one step.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack's strange world)

For lovers of Tim Burton movies, this will help you with deprecation. Try Jack (the lord of Halloween) discovers Christmas and wants to improve it. His holiday perspective is very different from the Christmas spirit; However, his girlfriend Sally is the only one aware of the mistake she makes.

Dear Santa (The wife for dad)

Crystal is a young woman who was always spoiled by her millionaire parents. One day he finds a letter from a 7-year-old girl who asks Santa for a wife for his dad, because he has just been widowed. Moved by the letter, Crystal decides to visit the family and learn a lesson in life and love.

Holiday Engagement

We have all felt pressured not to take anyone to Christmas dinner. Hilary finally decides to take her boyfriend, but suddenly he decides to break up with her. In desperation she puts an ad on the Internet and meets a young actor who will impersonate her boyfriend.

The Ref (This (not) is a kidnapping)

This comedy is very old but you will love it. It's about a thief who takes Caroline and Lloyd hostage. The marriage they carry is so disastrous that the thief ends up being the arbiter of a relationship, in order to reconcile them and escape alive from that territory of marital warfare.

While You Were Sleeping

For girls who love the drama of romantic triangles, this is their movie! It's about a girl who sells train tickets, but always sees a handsome man and wants to meet him. One day that man falls to the tracks and she saves him. In the hospital there is a misunderstanding and they believe that she is the fiancée of that man, so she falls in love with her brother ... A whole mess!


This movie is the typical Hollywoodense where several love stories are intertwined. Everything revolves around a hospital with stories that intertwine at the end. In addition his cast is very good, from the chocolate of Paul Walker, to the famous Robin Williams.

Holiday High School Reunion

This story reflects something we all had. A crush with the handsome high school! The protagonist sees the opportunity to conquer her platonic love, when a week before Christmas they make a meeting of alumni. However, her best friend from high school still loves her secretly.

White Christmas (White Christmas or White Christmas)

Not all girls like classic movies (ie old ladies), but it never hurts to watch a movie. It's about a couple of former soldiers who fall hopelessly in love with two sisters who plan a dance act.

The Grinch

I know what they are going to say, that the Grinch is not romantic. But if you look closely the plot revolves around that. The little Grinch wanted to conquer a girl at Christmas and under the humiliation of his partner ended up hating this celebration. In the end he stays with the girl, showing us that love is not based on appearance.