Selfies you need to take with your UGG boots

UGG boots are of that kind of thing that you love or hate, you can't have a neutral stance, it's just like that. You have as many fans as detractors. But this post is specifically for those who love them. So if you are a hater of this type of footwear, you better not see it.

These are ideas to get the best angle to your boots this winter. Your time has come and you have to make the most of it because the cold lasts little. So take a look and get your best winter selfies.

The best tip I can give you is to avoid using them on sunny days because they will seem out of place and your photos will not look good.

You don't need to wear them. Sometimes you can achieve a better angle if you leave them alone to show off.

In the car they look beautiful, just take care that they are not too dirty.

You don't need the mega pose of a full body model. They need to be the protagonists.

Give them some movement.

If where you live it snows, what better!

Match your baby.

Next to a good cup of coffee they will look divine.

Try to make your look look winter.

Go to the park and take advantage of the autumn leaves.

Make them a close up, they deserve it.

Your pajamas will be an unmissable outfit.

Prepare a decent scenario for them.

Use warmers, your boots look spectacular with them.

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