Looks sporty flirtatious for school

There are days of the week that simply and simply do not feel like dressing up like all 'dolls' and we prefer much more relaxed looks. For those days there is nothing better than the 'sporty' outfits since in addition to being very fast to get, they are super comfortable and will even make you look sexy (even if you don't believe it).

That's why here I leave you some super chic ideas that you could apply precisely in those lazy days. I hope you like them very much!

A really good tip that even if you don't believe it makes a big change, is to wear single-brand clothes. For example if you plan to wear a sweatshirt that says 'adidas', wear your Superstar, the same if you plan to wear 'Nikes'. It will further tone your style.

Investing in sporty clothes is an excellent idea since you can combine them with casual clothes in a super simple and chic way. Do not hesitate to buy different colors, cuts and styles.

I loved them all! Which one did you like the most?

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