Photos that you and your boyfriend should take if they have equal shoes

When you are in love, no cursilería is left over. Love makes you do super cute things that forever alone will never understand and obviously attack. But if you are worth a cucumber what people think of your love, then these photos need to be in the trunk of memories of your beautiful relationship. First you must get a pair of equal shoes, so that the thing looks even more pink.

Check out these unbeatable poses:

Make it look like a gentleman with a photo that sweet.

Go have a coffee and take the opportunity to gather your beautiful feet and capture the moment forever.

The bed also serves to take tender selfies ...

No matter their style, they can always look romantic.

A picture like a fairy tale ...

If you hold on and it does not bother you (do not have corns) try this photo, which is what follows tenderness.

Put the soles of your shoes together and show how tender it is for your foot to be smaller.

They will have to take a bad third to the photo, but it will be worth it.

Pretend not to notice and pum! Someone caught the immense love.

Showing both sides of the shoe.

Joining heels The cutest thing I've ever seen!

Note: If you and your partner recreate any of the photos, send it to our inbox so that we die of envy.

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