10 Ways to discover that you are 'the other'

There are times when falling in love puts a blindfold on us and causes us to give all our trust and heart to that person we consider "special and unique" ...

However, it is always important to be alert to signs that could indicate that this person is not so sincere with you and that could indicate that you are not really the only one in your life, but "the other." Take them into account so they don't play with you.

He doesn't like to go to shopping centers or restaurants

He always wants to buy food to go and take refuge somewhere where no one else can see them.

He puts a thousand and one pretexts not to introduce you to his parents, brothers and other family

From "not taking with them", until "they are never at home", etc.

Curiously deleted his FB account when he started dating you

Obviously he is doing everything possible to prevent you from tagging him or seeing his comments, photos, etc.

They always see each other on weekdays and never on weekends

I might dedicate this weekend to the other girl.

If he's in a bad mood, he never tells you the reasons

Or you make up silly pretexts like 'there is a lot of traffic', 'the weather', 'I'm hungry', etc.

It is common that when he sees you, he just wants to spend some time of pleasure and now

In a nutshell, all he tries is to let off steam with you.

For some "strange" reason when you call him at night, he never answers

And most of the time it leaves you in sight.

Feel that you will be unfaithful for no reason

Although you have not given reasons, he goes crazy and thinks that you see yourself with others in secret. Remember that these attitudes are common for unfaithful people, they are afraid that they will do the same to them as they do.

It's soooo fickle in his mood

In the morning you can talk very nice and in the afternoon very fast and sharp.

He doesn't lend you his cell phone to play music

You know the reason.