10 Garments that will make you the coolest girl in the room

There are clothes that when you use them transform you. While the clothes are not responsible for changing the way you present yourself with your classmates, it does give you that certain security and this influences the way you talk, walk and move in general.

Being a cool girl has a bit to do with the impression you are emitting, because clothes are the first thing others see. If you are shy to introduce yourself and want your clothes to be your first presentation, check out these 10 items.

Crop top

This garment is for the most successful girls, because it is a medium between bra and full shirt, wearing a crop top will not only give you confidence, but more than one girl will come to ask you about your outfit.

Favorite Artist T-Shirt

It is well known that the days in a room are more bearable if you have good friends, and for that it would not be bad to wear a shirt of your musical tastes, so you will find someone with the same tastes and you will also look very cool to show them off.

Denim skirt / short

You could say that the most basic garment for the legs is denim pants for comfort and adaptation, but it would not hurt to wear skirts or denim shorts to feel comfortable and at the same time not look the same as the others.

Leather jacket

Leather jackets were made to give a rough touch to anyone, I don't know about you, but usually the rough people, the one who has a strong character and who is worth what they think of her, are the coolest people.


The jumpers or rompers arrived this year to create a mega trend in all fashion girls, however few have dared to use them at school, lose the fear of seeing you different and outstanding, since drawing attention is the first step to create Good talks and meet new people.

Fashion garment

One of the greatest techniques to be someone very cool is to know what is and what is not being trendy, an easy way to prove it is to wear a garment, be it a shirt, dress, pants or jacket that reflects the trend of that season.

Nude garments

The nude garments are here to stay, they are already the basics of the basics so use them with confidence and for everything.

Garment of your school

There are many high schools and universities in which the uniform does not exist at all, however, some of them have stores with shirts, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Officials of the institution what better way to be cool than to literally wear the shirt well placed of your school?


Currently, the socks have become a very adaptable garment, because before they were only used when you were wearing a skirt or dress, but now you can combine them with overalls, ripped jeans and shorts to give your outfit that last complement that will make it unique.

Universal dress

Universal dresses are those that adapt to almost any situation, a shopping day, a school day, a first date, a trip to the park, a trip to the cinema and many other activities that you can do looking simply fabulous.

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