Hairstyles that will help you take years off

I remember that when I was a teenager, what I wanted at all costs was to look a little bigger, so I tried to wear a little more mature clothes, I painted more, and I used to juggle at least three more years. But now all I'm looking for when dressing, putting on makeup and combing my hair is taking off at least 5 years.

So I keep my natural makeup, casual clothes and I focus on hairstyles of this style, because even if you don't believe it, the hairstyle can take you more years than makeup.

Two French braids that end in small ones are sponges buns.

When you have long hair make two braids Dutch or French is super tired, because when you go in half the arms already shake. But if you leave them braided in half you will achieve this.

It is not about making you braids like when you go to the beach, but of looking as if you had shaved one side of your head.

The good thing about all the hairstyles that we present here is that you can take them to the office and look formal but more youthful.

For some reason disheveled hairstyles give you a much more youthful air, so do not hesitate to use them right and left.

I know that many girls think that this hairstyle is for 5 year old girls. But try to wear them with sexy clothes and you'll see what you can achieve.

When you make waves to your hair try not to be so tight or perfect, so you will not increase years.

A small crown with a thin braid and ruffled and half wavy hair.

A weak bun so it doesn't look like you're going to a wedding.

Avoid using gel so that your hair does not look hard and outdated, use more natural methods such as wax.