Outfits you should never copy to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has a keen sense of fashion, rarely makes mistakes in her choices and knows her voluptuous body perfectly, but even if they don't believe it, it's not perfect, she makes mistakes like all mortals.

And although he has been learning from them over the years, he still misses occasional eccentricity from time to time. And although I would never copy any of these looks for being too rare, she still falls like a ring to the finger.

They are not very fan that my feet are transparent in the shoes, much less I am of the sweat that such boots could cause in all my legs.

I would only change those horrible boots to this look that also make it look more squishy.

I know that long shirts are super trendy and used as dresses. But nobody said you could do the same with a doctor's gown.

As he loves to shorten his figure with boots.

A coat like a dress and boots to the crotch? I do not think so.

That dress I swear I've seen my grandmother.

Maybe I am very old fashioned and I like classic boots, but with some like that I would feel robocop.

No, no and no, Kim's worst outfit looks terrible.

We have all had a time that we regret terribly, talking about fashion. And this was Kim's.

I have nothing to object to this look, in fact I would love to have your body and security to wear something like that.

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