Things to ponder before buying Nude clothes

Nude clothes have become fashionable and how to blame her? These tones favor all types of bodies and skin tones. However, not everything is rosy, as they tend to be extremists, or you look amazing with them or make you look ridiculous. If you want to dare to wear nude clothes, we leave you eight things that you should consider before buying it, so that you do not regret or ruin your appearance.

Avoid shades similar to those of your skin

This recommendation is essential when choosing your clothes in nude tone, because as it is well known, the “nude” are tones similar to skin tones. For example, if you use leggings the color of your skin, it will seem that you forgot to wear pants and you will look very bad.

Think if you have something in your closet that combines

While it is very easy to combine any nude tone because they maintain a neutral appearance, it is important to do a mental review of the clothes in our closet to be sure if there is something that would look really great with them.

Think if you have shoes that match

Although nude tones are simple to combine, shoes play an extremely important role, as they can make them stand out or dull them. So it is best to take some shoes when you go shopping, so you can check if they look good with the clothes you intend to buy.

Choose dark tones if you want to look whiter

If you are a girl with neutral skin, that is, neither too white nor too dark and looking to look whiter, we recommend looking for nude colors that are at least two tones above. Clothing with darker nude colors will create the effect that your skin is brighter than it really is.

Look for light tones if you're looking to see yourself more brown

Many girls think that being white is the same as being pretty, but in reality we are all beautiful in our own way. The dark skin tones are really sexy and the clothes in light nude tones are responsible for highlighting them, even if you did a tan, you can take advantage of these garments to look even sexier.

Do not use a single nude tone

Do not marry a single nude tone, if you look good it does not mean that others do not. A good trick that we can give you, is that you lose your fear of combining the different nude tones, because they combine perfectly.

No nude sportswear if you're going to sweat

If you are thinking of wearing nude clothes in the gym or doing some sport, please stop! There is a good reason not to do it, sweat stains are very evident with this type of colors and could also transparent things that you do not want to be seen.

Try to find clothes with textures

Avoid wearing undressed nude garments in the lower part of your body, such as leggins, try to look for textures such as velvet, corduroy, silk, among other fabrics, because when they lack texture it will seem that it is only washed clothes and what we are looking for is to win style.

Do not combine nude with transparencies

If nude in itself already makes you look "naked" because that's where the name of this range of tones comes from, now imagine it with transparencies. If you find a garment that besides being nude, has transparencies Get away from it! Unless that is your intention.

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