Sport outfits perfect for going to the movies

You can go to the cinema as you want, you can even go in pajamas and nobody will care. But if what you are looking for is that midpoint between comfort and a style with personality, these outfits are the guide you need to achieve it.

If you feel that wearing pants is too simple, no joke and even looks lazy, then you have to try adding a top or a hoodie top.

Sport does not always mean gym clothes, check what a hat and sneakers can achieve.

This is one of the best looks to go to the movies. Your best sneakers, skinny jeans, cute sweatshirt and optional cap.

If you are not convinced to wear a t-shirt with jeans, put it in your pants a little. Add accessories and go.

An attractive and striking hairstyle is the key to not see you as lazy.

The denim jacket is the VIP guest, it is perfect for the occasion.

Try to wear bright colors, so simple clothes look a thousand times better.

Leggings, a super simple blouse, tennis and flirty jacket.

A dress-shirt applies when you want to show leg but keep looking sport.

The point is to keep it simple, combined, attractive and comfortable.

Video: Insane next level Korean gym fashion! Fashion King starring Joo Won, Sulli, Ahn Jae-hyun, Nana (April 2020).