8 Places where women see a tattoo better

Tattooing is a super important decision because you should not only choose a design that you like or that represents something nice for you, but you must also choose an area of ​​your body where you look cute. That is why I want to advise you, from my point of view, where I think it looks best for us and so you can choose the perfect place before taking the next step.

This tattoo + a miniskirt = love at first sight.

I want one like that!

Perfect if what you want is a phrase.

Hip and leg but frontally.

Ribs are always a perfect option.

Flirty and discreet.

On the inside of your arm it will always look.

If you prefer a more "hidden" place, in the lower back is a perfect area to put it.

Video: TOP 8 Best Places For Mini Tattoos (April 2020).