Tricks to look like a supermodel in your selfies

There is no photo where a model goes wrong, even if they have taken it off guard they always come out perfect. But I can spend hours in front of the mirror until finally a decent photo of sharing comes out.

So for you to go out divine at the first in your selfies and in the photos in general, you have to know these tricks.

Raise your head

It's not about just getting your neck out in the picture, but about getting a pose of pride and confidence in yourself.

Step aside

This will highlight your best angles because your curves will be more stylized or created if you don't have many.

Accommodate the arms

Many times we do not know what the hell to do with our arms to not seem crazy or see ourselves totally rigid and out of place. If you do not know how to place them it is always good to put your hands on your hip.

Wear clothes that go with your body

Wear clothes that favor the type of silhouette you have. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too loose.

Spread your legs

Do not have them fully attached, put one leg in front of the other or separate them even a little.

Take care to always be right

Take good care of your posture, stay straight but do not overdo it.

Say no to the photos completely in front

The problem of posing completely in front is that they absolutely do not favor any silhouette. It is best to put on even a little side.

And run away from the ones they take from below

Forget about the selfies from below, it will seem that your face is bigger than it is. Your features will not be favored at all.

Don't make weird mouth gestures

Do not exaggerate with gestures and much less what you do with your mouth. Try to smile or put on a mysterious and sensual face.

Rehearse your gaze

The look is everything, rehearse in front of the mirror so you can see how lights, so you can master it.

Video: How to Be an Instagram Model. Photoshoot Tips & Tricks. Summer Mckeen (April 2020).