Myths about your hair that you have believed all this time

We have heard these myths since we have reason, our grandmothers passed them to our mothers, and our mothers to us. Let's cut the vicious circle of lies! And let our hair and that of future generations benefit from that.

You must change shampoo because it loses effect on your hair

Many people believe that if the same shampoo is used for a long time, the hair no longer benefits from it. But it is completely false. You can use the one you like the time you want or change it whenever you want, nothing will happen.

You have to brush it 100 times a day to keep it healthy

It is thought that when brushing the natural hair oils will be distributed and give an impressive shine or that the brush will stimulate hair growth. But the opposite is true, brushing it too much could only break it and dull it.

Washing your hair daily dries it out

If you use the correct shampoo for the type of hair you have, washing it daily will not harm it. The trick is to use shampoos that are not aggressive and do not contain sulfate.

Picking it up often makes it grow faster

Cutting the tips has no relation to hair growth. The hair grows on average between one and two centimeters a month, so if you see it every month or two months, you will be cutting what grew.

If you tear off a cane you get two

How many times will I have heard this from my mother? It's a vile lie, gray hair doesn't multiply like gremlins if you tear them away.

If you wash it less it will produce less fat

If you have oily hair, no matter if you wash it more or less, it will continue to produce the same amount of fat. This is due to genetic and hormonal issues.

Shaving your baby's hair will make her grow prettier

The hair with which a baby is born, it may be the hair with which it will grow or not, your hair will change over time. Shaving it will not change the texture or make it grow thicker. Your destiny as far as hair is concerned, is already determined.

Adding birth control pills to your hair makes it grow

This is one of the oldest and most false myths that exist. Birth control pills only work to prevent pregnancy, your hair will not benefit from them in the shampoo.

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