10 colors of Dior varnishes that every teenager will love

Today that I went to the mall and was in the 'Liverpool' area, I found some Dior enamels that I couldn't resist and that's why I want to recommend them today! Since although the truth is not very cheap, its quality is very worthwhile ... And even more, these colors!

Compared to a “pirate” varnish that lasts if you do well for 3 days, the minimum Dior lasts a week and a half before the paint starts to be scraped off. So if we do accounts, it could be much more worth investing once in one of them, instead of buying others of poor quality. I tell you from my own experience.

Each of the bottles brings the name by which you should ask at the mall; )

I will definitely no longer buy from others, they are the best I have ever tasted in my life.

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