14 Ideas to turn your house ... into a house of terror!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to get creative and carry out fun ideas that remain in the memory of those who visit your home!

That's why I want to leave you with some ideas here that, besides being very simple but effective, are tips on which you won't spend much money! That is the best of all.

To achieve that effect you just have to fill a dishwashing glove with sand or earth and put it inside a pillow.

To put in the center of your table.

So that all who pass by your house feel observed.

If you have a party and want to block the entrance to the stairs, this is a good idea.

Or this one too.

Super simple idea and with very good effect.

If I passed outside a house like this, I swear I would run away.

You can create the effect with artificial blood. They sell it at any costume store.

Ping pong balls painted like eyes inside a Mason Jar with red water.

Put a mask inside a transparent jar with water to achieve the effect.

What p ... fear.

Save yourself.

If you have a fireplace this idea is fabulous.

To decorate the patio.

Video: DIY Haunted House Prop Tower of Terror Themed (December 2019).