10 Signs that indicate that you should stop using apps to flirt

I know many girls (and they won't let me lie) that like me, we had a little season where we spent hours on our cell phone chatting with random boys in applications like Tinder, Match, Skout, among others that I don't know, until we found the “boy of our dreams ”. And the truth is that these kinds of situations are very exciting and it is easier to find a boy with the same tastes as you because many applications make it easier.

But like everything good in life, it can't last forever and there are certain signs that exist and that girls should detect to end our online leagues.

They don't answer you anymore

It doesn't matter if you send text ... after text ... after text You don't get answers anymore! Even the boys (although hornys walk) get tired of the application or of you and the truth is that it has nothing wrong, they miss it. I understand that it is very difficult to accept it, but it is time to move on to real life.

Have a very specific list of the boy of your dreams

Now that we are given the opportunity to know how much boy there is, it is normal for us to make a very limited list of possible matches. For example, I know a friend who became so obsessed that in order to reduce the list of her parties, in the end she had her specifications that she had a cat, that it was blood type O + and that she only wear plaid shirts Wtf! If you get to things like that, stop it!

You don't want to go out in person with anyone

Being honest with yourself, do you really want to date someone? Because I know many girls who for example go down Tinder out of curiosity and once tickets seem very entertaining and even fun, but when a boy finally dares to invite them out in person, they get scared and never date anyone. Let's see girls, what do they think people do there? Just chat?

Dating programs you don't go to

Maybe if you were at the previous point and in the end you dare to take seriously the invitation of a boy to go out and see himself in person, you panic that he does not look like in his photos, fear that he will be disappointed in you or even paranoia that it is a kidnapper, then you last minute you decide to avoid it at all costs and cancel with a "Sorry, I can not go, there was something" when you really think "I do not want to go!".

You are a magnet of perverted patients

Well maybe I exaggerate by saying perverts to the boys, but for example there are boys who greet you with a "Hello beautiful" and you answer "Hello" and your next message is something like "I'm horny, do you want to co * er? I know a place near here ”WTF? And it does not matter how normal you look in your profile photos, you find nothing more than super horny guys who do not let you have a normal conversation, if so and do not look for that, not much thanks!

You are not satisfied with what you find

Do not get frustrated, you can abort the mission and leave online dating forever when you feel that only creepys are adding or talking to you that do not share tastes with you or stop that, when you do not even encounter a little biscuit or a more handsome minimum of the boys you already know in person and I don't say it… science says it (aha)

You have an addiction

So is! Online dating can also become an addiction for you, as you go crazy for them. In other words, you are mentally prepared to eliminate your online dating application forever, but after two days you get into frustration and boredom and the first thing you do is download it again (or a new one) to continue texting with kids.

You have nothing to answer

This point seems a bit ironic to me, because you have so many guys to talk to that there comes a certain point that with all of them you are left in a “textual pause” type, because both they and you don't know what else to talk about, until you get to Ask your bestties what else can you talk about? No, please leave it now!

You don't like to make the first move

There are many girls who simply do not like to make the first move, so when a boy adds them, they are based on their logic of "He is the one who should make the first move, I will not." I do not blame them, sometimes it is not for being sangronas or anything, but there are girls who are a disaster to send the first text and end up cursing themselves for what they sent.

You go wrong at school or work because of it

To see girls, it is one thing to entertain an hour or two in texting with strangers that you met in an application, because we all have other things to do, but if for example you do not pay attention to classes, you escape to the bathroom or do not sleep well for reply to messages Something you are doing wrong!

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