Things that men don't know about our Bubis

I have not met a boy who does not like bubis and it is that regardless of size or shape they are super fans of them. But there are things that do not know about this feminine appeal that perhaps they should know to have a wider picture of this sensual pair.

What they see is not always the reality

Sorry to disappoint you guys but the push-ups have invaded the female kingdom, so most of the bubis they see are not exactly as they imagine them.

There are also little hairs there

It does not apply to all women, but many tend to get thin and not so thin hair in this area.

They are mostly fat

The bubis are mostly fat, so if we lose or gain weight their size will vary.

The nipples are not Play-Doh balls

Attention guys! It is good that they love bubis but they have to be delicate, they are not made of plasticine, nor can they be handled at pleasure.

One is bigger than the other

It may not be very noticeable but this is law, one is always bigger and rounder than the other. So don't feel bad if you have a favorite.

Not we all like to be touched

Not all girls like to stay stuck hours in that area, we have many more areas of greater interest, so do not get stuck there.

Once a month they hurt

The hormones that attack us each month cause in most girls a lot of sensitivity in the area, so they hurt. If a girl tells them that they can't touch even with a hair it is serious, they better attend or they will die.

We hate bras

I know they look cute and they drive you crazy, but they're not comfortable. So they do us a great favor by taking it off.

It's not nice when they wiggle

Potholes and cobbled streets are our kryptonite. The bounce and the wiggle it causes in our bubis is not pleasant at all.