10 Signs that a man has no neurons

There are men with whom we should not go out. And the reason is very simple: They are stupid and will only cause us problems.

For that reason here I leave some clear signs and ways to identify that this man has abandoned all his neurons and the only thing he has floating in his head, is a peanut.

Always write with many emojis

A man without neurons never knows how to express what he feels in words, so he relies on little faces with gestures. I hate them!

Follow many 'sexy' girls you don't even know

A man who has let go of all his neurons begins to follow or add as a maniac to hundreds of women he does not even know, is more; You don't even know if they are from real profiles. If you want to find out if that man suits you or not, get to see the people who follow and with that you will have your answer.

From profile picture instead of having one of him, he has one of his soccer idol

I don't know why they do it, but it is a clear sign that all their neurons long ago committed massive suicide.

His sense of humor is stupid and silly

If you post memes or videos on your facebook that are really stupid, offensive, misogynist, etc ... Remove it at once.

The only thing he reads are videogame tutorials

Another clear sign that his neurons went on vacation to the Caribbean and left him alone is that when you talk to him, the only thing he talks to you about is his video games of Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Fifa and just that. If you ask him what books he has read lately, he will tell you exactly these words: "Naaaa, I don't like reading books, mostly I read tutorials."

When he talks with you, he does not measure his language and treats you as if you were another man or his friend

Another method of knowing that your neurons are in a coma is when it is addressed to you with phrases such as: What fart weeeey? Noooo mames! Etc ... Never mind that it only takes 3 days to meet you.

When he tries to link you, he feels that you are in favor

Another real proof that their neurons are eating each other.

He feels very rude for listening to metal and criticizes all other genres

Ah but yes! When he is doing very well, all Justin Bieber is singing and gives the pretext that: “They always put them on the radio”.

It feels very intellectual and always takes you against everything

You cannot say something without him giving you his "point of view" which ends up becoming an argument for believing he is always right.

Always show off how much alcohol you can drink

A stupid man always thinks that attracts us to women or something like that ... Not.

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