Tips that will inspire you when you have lost the desire to exercise

Taking the first step in the world of exercise may sometimes seem easier than it really is, I know it has happened to me and surely to you too. Before getting into the subject, it is important to explain what inspired me to talk about this topic ...

A couple of days ago Nike He shared a video that definitely left me a very important teaching. I realized that only I am able to decide if I challenge myself and give 100% to meet my goals. If I don't decide to be the best version of me, nobody else will. And that possibly on that path there will be obstacles, but they will be part of the race, the important thing will be to overcome them.

That is why today I have created a list with tips that are personally giving me that push that I needed so much and that have helped me in those moments when I feel that the motivation is leaving me.

I want to share them for you to be motivated if you are going through this situation! Get active and #AwakenYourBest

Invest part of your fortnight in a good gym

This will help you a lot since whenever you ask yourself whether or not you should get up and go to the gym, you will remember the amount of money you are spending each month. This will make you want to make the most of it.

Search training videos or fitness girls on Youtube

Seeing their strength, their bodies and their attitude will inevitably infect you!

Download an app that helps you keep track of your goals, calories and exercises you should do during the day

Not keeping a calendar with your goals, exercises, etc., makes you quickly lose interest, so it is important to download an app that helps you with this task.

The N + TC in my opinion is the best. I have already recommended it to you on past occasions, anyway I leave you a link to download it: Here.

Watch 'realities' of people trying to lose weight

Watching on TV people who unfortunately have neglected their health and all the problems that this entails and the work they need to do to recover what they have lost, makes you react and understand that if you do not take care of yourself, you can also become one of they.

It will make you see that beyond the aesthetic, leading a poor quality of life is not something you would like to experience.

Prepare your own food

It is said that many times one thing leads to another, and that is precisely what will happen if you prepare your daily meals yourself! By feeling that you are eating healthier, your brain will be motivated and will require you to continue on that path, so you will feel better than ever to do your training day by day!

Look at before and after photos of people who started a fitness life

Visually it is very impressive to realize that people like you and I managed to achieve their goal, they will make you say: I can too!

Sign up for races

No matter how many km the race is, the only thing that matters is that you take that important step. You will see how from the moment they give you your competitor number, your motivation will rise to the highest level and you will begin to prepare yourself as you never had before.

Think that exercising will give you the opportunity to make new friends

Whether in the gym or in the park, you can meet people in your same situation so you can get out of the routine and meet new friends, and why not? Even to your next heartthrob.

Buy a garment that you want to look fabulous in a couple of months

Leave it hanging in a place in your room where you always see it and be your constant reminder that to see you incredible in it, you will need to work hard to get it.

Think about how wonderful you will feel when you finish your training

This tip is my favorite! In those days when you are doubtful, give yourself a minute and think about how good you will feel with yourself when you finish your training. Obviously through your head it will happen that you will feel a thousand times happier with yourself compared to that if you had not done anything. Although this tip is very simple, it is very effective!

The goal of all these tips is to encourage you to leave your comfort zone so you can set goals that will change your life day by day. With these tips and a good attitude, any challenge is attainable!#AwakenYourBest

Video: The Best Workout Motivation Ever - Joe Rogan (April 2020).