Tips to hide your chubby calves

No body is the same as another, therein lies true beauty. You have to learn to know him to love him a hundred and thus be able to take advantage of everything and its virtues and defects.

Today we will focus on the calves, an area that not many pay attention to. If yours are thick or thick, then this interests you, today you will know which clothes benefit you the most and which one is harming you.

Chek out!

Mid heels

Try not to make your heels too small, too tall or too thick. Find the medium in height and width. That way they won't thicken your calves anymore and give them more balance. The indicated would be a heel of 5 to 6 centimeters and not thick.

Mid calf boots

If you like boots, then try to make them reach mid calf or just below the knee. You can combine them with long skirts that reach above the knees, so the lower part of your body will be stylized.

Dark stockings

The socks are excellent allies when it comes to wanting to slim the calves. You can opt for dark colors without transparencies and with transparencies. This creates shadow on the calves, which will make them appear thinner.

Not so tight pants

Tight jeans will only make your calves look even bigger than they really are. So forget about skinny jeans and opt for looser pants at the bottom, not flared, that are straight but do not fit at the ankles.

Monochrome looks

Dressing only in one color (preferably dark) will make your body look more balanced and your calves will not be the center of attention, but your body in general.


Try to get the prints on the upper part of your body, to use flashy accessories to focus attention on the upper area.

Long skirts

Long skirts in addition to stylizing the area of ​​your hip, will hide your calves, creating a nice effect on your body.

Leggings without prints

Do not use prints on the legs, try to make your leggings dark, not necessarily black, just cold and dark colors.

Type A skirts

The skirts with this cut will balance the thickness of your calves and if you accompany them with specific heels for your calves you will achieve an unforgettable look.

Do not wear shoes with slats

There are some shoes that have slats that are tied to the calves. I know they look cute, but if you want to hide the size of your calves, then you should avoid them, because they will only accentuate the size.

Video: What To Wear If You Have Thick Calves & Ankles. BusbeeStyle TV (April 2020).