15 perfect outfits for when you have to exhibit in front of the class

There is nothing more stressful at school than that day when you have to exhibit in front of the whole class, since obviously you are looking not only to see yourself beautiful, but also to look professional, elegant and suitable for the occasion.

All sooner or later we will go through this, that is why here I leave you some outfits that you should keep in your favorites for when you need them. They will help you get inspired and thus find the perfect outfit for your personality and to see you perfect on that important day.

I always recommend using dark or beige colors to give more seriousness to the work or project you are presenting.

Give it light with blouses in light colors like: white, sky blue, pink.

If you plan to wear white, try applying it in a blazer that matches black pants. Golden or pearly black accessories look fantastic with this combination.

As you can see, blazers are a perfect ally. If you, like me, don't know how to ride very well in heels, don't worry! You have the option of wearing oxford shoes or even flats that make a nice match.

Something super mega important is not to fill your face with makeup. It could play against you and cause everyone to notice how your face looks instead of paying attention to your words.

Wonderful outfit in beige, neutral and light tones.

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