Beautiful soaps that will give you courage do not sell at Walmart

Many girls live looking for beautiful things that make our lives more beautiful. I confess to being one of them and I also agree to have some obsession with soaps, yes! Oddly enough, I love soaps haha!

So today I want to show you some that I would love to add to my collection And that gives me tremendous courage do not sell in the Walmart of my house!

Whether or not you have the same obsession for them, you will like them for how original they are.

That's right, the idea of ​​the century.

He is a genius who came up with these handles.

Little cubes of happiness.

If you like Neapolitan ice cream, here are some soaps that you will also like.

Precious Diamonds

I could not assure myself of resisting the urge to bite him while he was taking a bath.

It reminded me of those jellies my mother made me as a child.

My favorite fruit made soap.

Those colours…

For girls who love pastel tones.

Possibly I wouldn't use them so they never ran out.

Handmade skulls ...

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