Benefits of exercising with your best friend

The saying goes well that two heads think better than one, but not only that! Two heads have more willpower, more constancy and much more motivation. So, why not apply it when exercising? And yes, that other little head of which I speak, is nothing more and nothing less ... than your best friend!

This idea came to us after watching the original Nike series 'Margot vs. Lily' which is precisely how it is always necessary to have extra motivation to achieve a new goal in our lives. Many girls have already seen it and that is why today we leave you the last chapter of this fun and inspiring series.

If you want to watch the full season in Spanish, here is the link: 'Margot vs. Lily'


If you are still not convinced of what it would benefit you to train with bff, these reasons will ...

You can't give up

You can no longer make meaningless pretexts to escape your exercise routine. Each will have the obligation not to drop the other into the networks of pretexts and negativity. Having support will prevent you from giving up.

The diet will become fun

To transform your body it is necessary that the exercise is complemented by a change in eating habits, which is not a simple thing And less if we are always at the mercy of cravings! But if you have someone who is in the same situation, supporting you in moments of weakness will help you not to cheat and thus not break your healthy diet.

You can do exercises that you would never get alone

There are exercises that necessarily require the help of another person to be able to do them without running the risk of hurting you. Those small but valuable things are what will help you both have a more complete exercise routine.

They can complement your routines

Surely you already have some exercises in mind to start awakening your best attitude. But your friend might have in her routine some that you had not considered or even did not even know. If you put them together it will be like having super powers!

You won't get bored with the same playlist

Listening to the same songs over and over again unmotivated, so exchanging their playlists is an excellent idea to stay fresh and with the best attitude.

Competing among you will motivate you

Who says competition is not healthy? It is the pinch of salt and pepper that will season your workout. Seeing each week how much each one has improved will make them put much more effort! Since if someone is falling behind, he will do everything in his power to catch up and get to the first place.

It will be easier to prevent an injury

They can take care of each other's posture when performing some exercises. In addition, the feeling of having someone supporting you and taking care of you will make you feel much safer when doing a new workout.

Time will pass faster

Falling in love with the exercise is a matter of time, when you least expect it you can no longer live without it. And having a partner who goes the same way you will speed up the process.

During training there will not only be sweat ... there will also be laughter!

The good times you spend together and the laughter experienced during training will not only help you have unforgettable moments, it will also help you strengthen your friendship!

After having read this, I think there are very good reasons and possibilities for her to also access to start this new adventure with you, we remind you that in the app Nike Training Club You can find the ideal training for you and to have a better control of your goals. Get out of your comfort zone and #DespiertaTuMejor!

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