Exercises you can do at home without paying a GYM

It is typical that one day you wake up with a determined mind to want to change your routine and start once and for all to exercise, but that motivation as soon as it came is because you don't know exactly where to start. Do not feel bad about this, it has happened to all of us! And that is why today we bring you this post.

For a couple of weeks now we have been using the app 'Nike Training Club'which helps achieve goals in your daily workouts with the help of professionals and thus have better results that will be reflected in our health and image.

To be honest, we have felt happier than ever with this decision to adopt fitness as a lifestyle. We have been training very hard and that is why we want to give you that great motivation that we have by sharing some of our favorite exercises that have helped us to have excellent results. Do not forget! Be constant and #DespiertaTuMejor.

Push-ups with side abs

It will help you to tone and gain strength quickly in your arms, back and to mark that abdomen and obliques with which you have dreamed so long. Do not forget that it is important to lean on a small step!

Drill opening and closing legs

I will not lie to you, although it seems simple It is very tired! But precisely that means how effective it is to do cardio.

Push-ups down

Compared to the classic push-ups, this one has the characteristic of doing them with a raised hip, straight legs and feet touching with the fingertips.

Remember that if you start to feel that sensation that your body is burning, it is because you are doing it wonderfully!

Push-ups for pointed rear

An exercise that will make you work the upper and lower train by simply rotating and stretching. Perfect to go forming an incredible silhouette.

Squat Squat

Try to keep your legs as long as possible at a 90 ° angle. Very few repetitions will be enough for you to start feeling the work of this exercise. Challenge yourself and try to last a few seconds each day!

Abdominals with stretched legs

A really effective technique to work the abdomen area. In case you don't have an exercise ball, use a basketball, don't let anything stop you!

Split skips

This explosive movement will help give you strength and mark all the muscles in your legs. An excellent option to do cardio and increase your resistance for other exercises that we will teach you later.

We invite you to join us and start with all the attitude to train and also motivate your friends and family to start a healthier life.

The app 'Nike Training Club'is free and available for iOS and Android.

Video: FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS. Monday - Friday Fitness Routine vlog (April 2020).