Tips for chubby girls who don't know what graduation gown to wear

Graduation time is approaching and with it the stress of not knowing which dress to choose. And if you're chubby, you're sure you're wondering what kind of dress is best for me? How do I stylize my figure?

Don't worry anymore! Today you will know exactly what to look for when you go to buy your dress.

A lot of bust

Here are two soups. The first is for girls who want to show their attributes that day, if that is your case, then choose a dress with a V-neck. Try not to have ornaments in that area.

If you do not want something more conservative then you need a closed dress in that part, a round or square neckline, without ornaments in the area.

Little bust

For girls with little bust, strapless dresses with embroidery or draped at that height will greatly favor them. Halter necklines or corset-type necklines with preformed cups are ideal.

If you want to hide a wide back

If you have a broad back, avoid dresses with thin straps or strapless at all costs. Wide straps, or asymmetrical necklines will work for you.

If you have no waist

Then opt for dresses that are tight at that height and that are loose in the hip part. You can also opt for dresses that create illusion in that area. Avoid glued dresses.

Be careful with the belts

If you want to add a belt to your dress, do not use it in the waist area but under the bust. Thus the fall of the dress will stylize your silhouette.

Wide hip

Try to use cut A or empire style in your dresses, so you will hide your hips. Say no to tight dresses or ornaments in that area.

If you are tall

If you are tall you will look great with dresses in patterned fabrics (without exaggeration), strapless necklines and dresses that have the size of one color and the skirt of another.

If you are short

Avoid dresses that benefit tall girls and opt for single-color, one-shoulder, halter neckline and preferably short dresses.

If your concern is the arms

There are dresses that have sleeves of the same fabric of the dress or by way of transparencies.