11 Things you should never allow your boyfriend

Unfortunately in Latin America there is still a macho culture in which it is believed that man has the right to do absolutely what he wants to his partner, and this should never put but some or contradict it.

I know that fortunately not all men are like that, but it can happen to all of us that we fall in love with the wrong guy. And it is precisely for that reason that I want to give you some advice about things you should never allow your boyfriend to do with you, or you could get very hurt.

Deny yourself in front of other people

What is the case with being with someone who is not proud of their partner?

Talk to you rudely when they have an argument

Many men who were not educated with words, but with rudeness and shouting believe that this is the way problems should be treated. Don't tolerate that, you don't deserve it.

Go out with your friends and friends

Friendship is one of the most beautiful gifts that life could have given us. If your boyfriend does not understand that your friends feel a different kind of love from his, that is not your problem.

Tell you how to dress

A woman is not more or less valuable because of how short she wears a skirt, in case she wears heels or a neckline. No one should tell you how to dress or not! One thing is that they give you advice on what you see best according to your personal taste, but always with respect and never forcing you to impose your tastes before yours.

Do not take into account decisions that involve both

A worthy man knows that important decisions should always be made as a team. Don't let him decide for you on things you might not agree with.

Walking in your social media accounts

Personally, I see that boyfriends who have confidence know their social network passwords. Always thinking that if an emergency happens (that nobody knows anything about you) your partner can know where you were the last time you sent a message or who you last saw.

But enter only to go sniffing inbox messages, eliminating friends, etc ... It is a total lack of respect and trust that you do not have to allow.

Be ipuntual

Do not let anyone dispose or waste your time ... never!

Force you not to wear protection

It is more common than you think men do not want to use condoms in privacy. If your boyfriend threatens you to end you or gets angry because you do want to take care of yourself, finish it, don't even think about it.

Interrupting you and always making your ideas less important

Too many men believe they have the absolute truth of everything and are never willing to hear ideas from other people, much less from their partners.

Tell you words that lower your self-esteem

If during an argument or in your drunkenness at some point he says words like: ugly, silly, useless ... Don't see him again! And of course, don't even think about forgiving him the next day that he cries asking for your apology.

Make you feel like you are a slut

Many men are so insecure about themselves and their worth, that they project their fear of being unfaithful just because you like a friend in a comment, because you put on makeup, put on a skirt, or because you took a picture with a friend in school. Usually when they are like that, their way of acting is by treating you as if you were sleeping with everyone and as if you had no values.

Don't fall for his silly game, if he lives with fears, let him just solve them.

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