The best version of me

Second month of the year, the security I had to fulfill all my purposes seemed to vanish; In fact, I think I would have lost it completely had it not been for a surprise that I found in my mail a few moments ago.

I tell you. One of my main purposes is to get fit. I do not have an unreal goal of weight, nor do I want to turn my eyes on the street, nor is it a matter of fashion, rather it is a need to feel healthy, active, that constant well-being that I felt a few years ago when I was training volleyball every week.

While I was thinking about this purpose in my head, I found in my inbox an email with the subject '#DespiertaTuMejor'. Our friends from Nike Women constantly write to us with news, but this time they could not have arrived at a better time, so I decided to share them with all of you.

The first thing that caught my attention was the Nike Training Club application, which through videos will allow me to exercise from home, so I will no longer have excuses. Also, I can share the progress with my friends. I'm already convincing a couple here in the office to train with me.

I also saw the first chapter of a funny miniseries, I realized that I am not the only one going through these discouragements and that having a balanced life costs more work than it seems. The series is called 'Margot vs Lily' where a couple of girls in two opposites of life compete to find a balance. I will be following it, it seems that a chapter will appear every week, but with the first one I was hooked haha.

Finally, a major challenge, with all the nerves in the world and convincing a couple of accomplices, we signed up for the Nike Women Victory Tour, a series of events that will culminate in the half marathon. I really die of nerves, but I know that by encouraging each other we can achieve it. Fortunately with the app, everyone can train at their own pace.

What can I tell you, sometimes things come to this office at the right time and for me, this was one of them ... we already got in touch with the Nike girls and they bring a good father wave, we will surely be doing more things with them during the rest of the year. We will tell you.

For now, I have new confidence and new challenges ... You? How are you doing with your purposes?

Video: Best Version Of Yourself - Motivational Video (April 2020).