Thoughts every girl has when it's too cold

I hate the cold! But it has inspired me to write this article with which I am sure they will identify but not be able to. And if you hate him as much as I do, then these thoughts have crossed your mind more than once.

Why have not invented something so that our nips do not leave your site?

And it does not matter if you bring a bra, a blouse and a sweater. With this cold they manage to go through all that and more to go out for fresh. Why haven't they invented something to keep them in place?

I feel that my hand will stick to the mouse

I love my job, but my hand is dying slowly and painfully on top of the mouse. This cold freezes it to the degree that I can no longer shrink my fingers.

If only I could warm my feet ...

I have a slight feeling that my feet are responsible for the rest of my body not getting warm, for more things like socks or blankets that I put on them, they will never warm up. In fact sometimes I think that there is no turning back and that they have entered into a state of hypothermia.

I do not want to get up

I have always had a hard time getting up in the morning, but with this cold I really can't. How to leave the delicious heat of my blankets? It's not fair, they even want to cry.

To hell! I will make a fire in my room

I have reached the point of thinking that I would prefer a fire to continue with this cold that even causes me pain when breathing.

What if I throw coffee over?

It happens to me every morning. When I touch that delicious boiling cup, I always think What if I throw it over? same and so I warm up for a few minutes ...

I will tie the cat / dog to my feet

If you have pets you will know that they are the best of the heaters. I have reached the point where I put them on my feet to prevent them from falling by freezing at night. Obviously my dogs are the happiest in the world, since they sleep in my bed.

My hands are clean, I don't need to wash them

When it is cold, hygiene goes out, I have convinced myself that washing them before and after using the bathroom is a myth. All in order not to touch the icy water.

What if I take a bath with clothes?

Bathing is torture! First you have to take off all the warm clothes you wear. Then you enter the shower and everything happens quickly, because hot water is a blessing. But then the hardest part comes: Close the keys and dry yourself! It is the worst torture of all.

Why don't I have a dresser under the bed?

Finally I manage to warm up under the covers, when suddenly I feel like I'm out of the pee. It is when I curse myself for not having a dresser under the bed.

Whatever you do don't move to the cold side of the pillow

While this cold lasts I will sleep in one position all night, and if I mistakenly turn, I will feel the frightening cold of the pillow that ran out of the heat of my head.

This whole season will be a forbidden side.

We have a low! I no longer feel my nose

I am sorry to announce that we have already lost my nose, I do not feel it anymore and it is completely freezing.