Absurd things you do just one day before returning to school

I don't know why I keep doing it, but I can't help it. It's almost like a curse from the last day of vacation.

I hate you back to class, I hate you!

Get creative with your hair

For some strange and destructive reason, just the day before returning to school, we can think of the great idea of ​​cutting or painting our hair. Do not do it! It could look really bad and there is no time to fix it.

Think all day about your last day of vacation

This is classic, you spend all day thinking that this is your last day. And that's why you don't even enjoy it, it happens faster and depression is worse.

Leave everything to the last moment

You had days and days to go shopping for all the supplies they asked for and the things you needed. Oh but no, you leave it for the last day of vacation, when there is nothing in the shopping centers and when the stress is greater.

Not knowing what your schedule is

They sent you the schedule for you to print, and so know what time you enter and what matters they touch you. But you have no idea where it is and now you are in limbo.

Wash your uniform at night

You are fixing your stuff and you realize that your uniform is still in the laundry basket. So the only remedy is to wash it at 10 at night and pray for a miracle. But in the morning you realize that it is still quite wet and you have no choice but to leave like this and wait for the sun to do its job.

Try a new mask

You want to return with the flawless complexion, without blackheads or pimples. So you decide to try a new mask. Serious mistake! It turns out that your skin was sensitive to the components and now you will look like this on the first day of school.

Go on a diet

The last day of vacation drives you crazy, and now you think that in just hours you can get the body of your dreams with an extreme diet.

Depress you

It is impossible that depression does not take over your body. No one likes to end the holidays. So this is you the last day.

Get you to do all the homework

You had completely forgotten that your teacher's callous left you homework for vacations, now you have a few hours left to finish it.

Unveil you

You know that you have to fall asleep early or you will pay the consequences, but it is impossible, you just don't keep an eye on the whole night.

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