Hairstyles that girls with curly hair should copy to Zendaya

With only 19 years of age and a history that supports her, Zendaya is one of the most talented, charisma and style artists. She is a worthy example of what a girl with curly hair can achieve.

Look how beautiful you can see yourself with hairstyles tested by this woman's beauty.

A long and thin braid.

Two beautiful braids in the purest rapper style.

Let your curlers be free.

A super elegant and slightly curly ponytail.

A mega bun.

Who said fluffy hair should be flattened? It looks beautifull!

Two beautiful buns that will undo you with more defined curls.

A half bun.

Sexy dreadlocks

We will dare to have new looks.

Curls at their best.

Video: I COPIED ZENDAYA'S INSTAGRAM! Nikki Bruner (April 2020).