Squeeze the full potential of your leather jacket with these tricks

Without exception, leather jackets are a basic garment in every girl's closet. But to squeeze its full potential, it is necessary to know which garments are best worn.

Unleash it that this season was made for her!

If your jacket does not have a cotton lining or something like that, it will most likely make you sweat a little. To avoid this you can wear a light sweater underneath.

You can wear it with more spring outfits.

Do you have a long and casual dress like this? You have to wear your jacket with it.

Sportswear is not fought with her.

You already know that your jeans go with absolutely everything.

Don't you want to wear an ugly coat to that formal event? Wear your leather jacket.

The maxi skirts will benefit greatly.

Leave the sleeves out.

A sweatshirt underneath is the casual touch you were looking for.

With pants!

A sensual dress

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