Strapless dresses that I would never take off if I had big breasts

Strapless dresses are a must for the female body, there is no doubt. They are a charming garment that highlights the wonderful female body and of course serves to attract attention in a positive way to all those around you.

The only problem is when, however much you like them, you have the disadvantage of being flatter than a board (like me). And it is not precisely because you should not wear it, the problem is that by not having a body with which the dress can be held, you always have to adjust it every 2 minutes to avoid accidents or to make a fool of yourself without wanting to.

I know that there are tricks to fit your body better and that it also depends a lot on the cut or fabric of the body, but in one way or another, the best option is always to have a curvy body that helps you deal with it.

Anyway ... I will continue dreaming of waking up one day and having a goddess body so I can use them without worrying so much.

If you have the body, please do not waste the opportunity to use one of this style.


He is beautiful with his skin tone.

The best thing about the dresses with this cut, is that you can wear large chokers on your neck, without seeing yourself exaggerated.

If I put on one like this, I don't want to tell you what would happen Haha!

It makes me want to grab it with bites.

The boy I married will have to accept that I get dressed like this on the day of the wedding.

An amazing dress from Herve Leger that even if she had her breasts, she wouldn't have $ 1,700 to buy it. If you have them, buy it and lend it to me, yes?

Any boy would go crazy if he saw you dressed like that.

Elegance and sensuality. They are the two best words to describe this dress.

The best color for a sunny day.

A charm.

100% cute.

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