9 Signs that he wants to finish you

If you are currently having a bad time because you feel that something is not right with your partner, we invite you to read this article.

Sometimes it is a bit difficult to accept starting a new way of life from scratch without the person you are in love with (or sometimes obsessed). But it is important that you can identify if they are thinking about finishing you, so that you can prepare yourself and not spend more time hurting yourself with wrong ideas.

Unfortunately, sometimes people do not have the courage to speak clearly and in the eyes. That is why they begin to send hints so that the relationship wears out until it reaches a point where it is inevitable to end. If your partner does these things, it is better to keep in mind what can happen.

He starts to like the comments of other girls

Do not be surprised if you like a pure woman who shows her breasts in her profile picture. It is a sign that he already wants to meet other girls.

He says he can't leave because he had a family problem

If he now pretends that he cannot leave because he fought with his family, it is a clear sign.

Very often you change plans or do not integrate them

When he organizes a vacation with his friends, he does not speak in the plural about you but in the singular. Ex: "Next weekend I will go with my friends to the beach."

How long has he not given you a kiss of those long and tender?

Surely you still remember those kisses with passion and love that were given at the beginning, if today you no longer give them and try to avoid them, you must be clear that he no longer feels the same. Stay away or you will continue to hurt your heart.

He doesn't mind flirting other girls in front of you

It is typical that they lose all shame and dare to flirt "without realizing" according to them.

You are the one who always has to look for it and it takes years to answer the messages of WhatsApp

Stop humiliating yourself by begging for attention.

His friends no longer talk about you

If you also became friends with your friends, ask them how much they talk about you and ask them to be honest. They could tell you what your boyfriend thinks of you.

He gets angry about anything you talk to him

When they want to finish you, it is common for them to look for any pretext to start a fight and see if they finally manage to finish them. Sometimes they are too coward to tell you what they really feel and prefer that you say the words.

If your friends tell you every day ...

If your best friend tells you daily that he doesn't love you because of how he treats you, you should listen to her and not be blinded by the love you still have for her. Do not forget that your family and friends will always want the best for you and do not like to see you wrong.

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