Hairstyles that will take 10 minutes if you have short hair

If you don't comb your hair because you think you can't do anything to your short hair, that's over here and now. Not only are there many options to fix your little hair, they are so simple that they will take only 10 minutes.

There is no pretext, you can finally stop walking disheveled by the world.

You think braids are only for girls with Rapunzel hair, look and break the myth.

You can pick it up for an elegant occasion. Just arm yourself with a good endowment of pins.

With mini hair you can also, just become an ally of hairspray and pins.

Half-tail or half-chongo will always look great on you.

There is no longer a pretext to walk with the same hairstyle as always.

You can even make a crown.

Medium disheveled hairstyle.

Try to place it behind your ears, like in the middle of your head.

There are many options, the joke is trying. Surely more than two are great.

The waves will always be your friends.

Combing only one side is a simple and colorful option.

Video: 10 Easy Hairstyles for SHORT Hair (April 2020).